What Do Students Think About Politics?

Do you ever feel like your opinions don't matter or are being ignored?
Millions of students just like you go to school, read a true oxessays review, worry about their future, and wonder if they should spend their time getting involved in politics.
But politics is a divisive and often controversial topic, which can bring you both enemies and allies. Therefore, it can attract and repel your fellow students.
So, what do students think about politics?
The simple answer to this question is that to some students' politics is the best way to impact real change in their nation while others do not care about politics.
There has always been a divide between young people and politics or the government. Young people think of politicians as never taking care of them, or they feel not included in the politics of their nation. Although young people are a majority voting bloc in most nations of the world, this divide leads to tensions.
There is a reason why major protests are consist of students or young people. These protests come about because the politics aren't a reflection of what young people want or are thinking. For example, the climate change strike or protest led by 17-year-old Greta Thunberg and millions of students from all over the world is a show of how there's a disconnect between world politics and most young people. These protests were to highlight climate change or global warming and how world leaders have failed at listening to what students and young people have to say.
Students involved in politics can make great changes like it was in the Vietnam War protests in 1965. With this anti-war protests beginning in most college campuses, it gained a following in the USA and worldwide. Many students were involved in the US, Germany, and Australia, calling for an end to the war. These protests led mainly by students did bring results because by 1973 US troops withdrew from Vietnam.
But despite how effective students can use their power and voice to bring real change to their nations, it's always controversial on whether politics should be in the classroom. A student doesn't need to be asking himself is essaypro legit and why his fellow students don't respect his political views. The last thing a school needs is students being ridiculed or bullied due to their views politically. There is also concern that teachers are using their power as educators to influence students to adopt their political views.
Despite how involved other students might be in politics, others simply don't care about it. Politics can be confusing to most people and students too. A student might argue that the democratic system doesn't work because what you're promised isn't what you get.
Therefore, a student will believe that your vote doesn't make any change or bring change. Since being among smart students, you'll remember what Albert Einstein said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results." When a student doesn't care about politics, he doesn't believe in its effectiveness in solving real problems.
Therefore, politics attracts and repels students; one student is for it while the other is against it or isn't interested. Politics and searching for where to find advancedwriters.com review are almost the same; they both bring different emotions in people, whether it is love, hate, or neutrality.